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released May 9, 2012



all rights reserved


G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: #WatEvrHappens
wat evr happens happens
i take my stride , wat evr happens 2night
i can't tell wher wer goin , i don't care
block out my worries & my fears
throw away emotions , wipe away tears
goin thru the motions , I'm coming so near

this was all i wrote , , the rest was off the dome

© M∆YSIN ∆NTHONY 2012 ©
Track Name: Find ☮ Within YrSelf
So i guess ill take moms advice !
live life , take my time , just 2 find , wats inside
first off, you gotta take time off
GoSlow , breath in till you cough
you gotta turn up , 2 take off
count down , 3 , 2 , 1
theres more 2 do than can ever be done
so just imagine if , we all lived as one
take a look @ wat you've become
remember wer yr from , member wen u wer yung ?
im mumblin i can't feel my tounge
dude like duh
im goin in just 2 win but i already won
& all these songs have already been sung , like la la la
i blow like the wind , son
u gotta find peace within , ya dig
until then i need a miracle
do it again & again
its just a circle , a cycle , a system
look rite thru it , like a prism
sea things different , get sum wisdom
go ham I'm like god damn , sceamin free bandz
ask yo self this question
u gotta understand
2 live & learn from mistakes 2 be the man
& will i ever get the chance 2 sea across the lands
lemme sea yo hands , lemme sea u smile ,
then dance
it might be a while , , so have sum patience
im goin full throttle , she's light skin , Maceotto
not worrying about 2morrow, dats da motto
I'm like otto , rocket power , bitch Go GO
down 2 So-Co , 2 Chicago
wassup Miami , down 2 Kokomo
#WeedMusic ! WorldWide !

Track Name: lack·a·dai·si·cal
i rlly can't say how i feel rite now I'm on a cloud
n i aint comin down , i tend 2 sway so i just mite
come around
Butt i aint evr slowin down , not until my feet hit da ground
as i start 2 levitate , i think 2 myself , how much can i take?
whats @ stake ? i turnd a mistake in2 a mixtape
dont b afraid , chances r one two zero
i Go-Go , yet it all seems So-So , get 2 no my lingo
racks up , like dominos , spaced out , astronomical
wen i fade , it seems so grey , another day passes away
ther goes my hero , self made , self paid , now I'm ridin solo
sendin out SOS , just 2 save my soul
party in the stars , I'm lost like pluto
so blazed , lack·a·day·si·cal
off HΔZE , so magical
this feeling , i wood nevr trade , i was nevr fake
its nevr 2 late

© Maysin ∆nthony
Track Name: D r o w n i n g
i was drowning, in my self defeat.
i should have seen, but nothings wat it seems.
please believe, in these words tht i speak
I'm diving in deep, I'm bout 2 spring a leak
she so wet, slipping in da sheets
call her candy, she so sweet.

make a splash, but don't sink
make it last, its going obsolete
nows yr chance, 2 be free
go on & dance , show em tht yr king

palm trees, blowin in the breeze
blowin KU$H , keep it O.G.
is it real ? such a sight 2 sea
i can't feel , i lost reality

it was all just a dream, visions in my sleep
wat does tht evn mean? now I'm in too deep
can't u hear my screams? cuz now I'm beggin please
come back 4 me

erryday is vacation, wen u live like me
i stop 2 think , 2 be or not 2 be
its amazing , how easy it can be
throw away memory , lets rewrite history
delete , refresh , like fuckin listerine

it was all just a dream, visions in my sleep
breathin in deep , I'm stuck on repeat
jeans justin out da seems
ass so phat she need a bigger seat

Do Some Good ! Reach Out
2 My Hood ! Shout Outs

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ST▲Y
" nothings new, I'm off the wall, just missing u "

i gotta ST▲Y strong , i gotta make it thru .
i can't ST▲Y long , lets take off .
yea lets lift off , 2 different altitudes !
surfs up , its fucking gnarly dude !
and yea we gone party dude
cuz i can't get enough . . . of u . .

ST▲Y , please don't fade away .
ST▲Y HIGH , i gotta ST▲Y awake .
i gotta sea the day , wen errythang seems okay .
im in this Holidaze , so lets celebrate !

who knew ? it seemed so far away . .
i want u . . 2 kno . . I'm so sorry . .

change yr latitude , positive attitude
its a new view , from a new point of view . .
4get wat yr use 2 , its time 2 get used 2 :
New Life , Blue Skys , Changes All the Time =)
makin moves , only choose , wats right .
i take my time
wat feels so wrong / feels so right
i get so high . i touch the sky
up here alone . wer is my mind ? ? ?

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: çow≈∆≈ßunga
i was born 2 be wat i was gonna be
so i live life like its something free
tryna find peace
let energy , , be released
i change with the seasons , , ,i drift away
don't know the reasons , , they've gone away
i planed on leaving , , but it seems 2 far away

even though I'm feeling so low
just gotta let it go
fly around like butterflies , , even flow
and we can go twice as high , , over rainbow
& I'm smoking on a pot of gold
my lucky 5 leaf clove
cowabunga dude how they say down in KoKoMo

woah , , I'm like woah
no , , it starts 2 show
so long ago

i can see I'm walking thru
i can breath in something new
it doesn't have 2 be , , so misused
u take it 2 different altitudes
I'm just confused , wats it matter 2 u ? ?

& it seems like lately
its more like watchu gonna do ?
don't try 2 hard
you'll fall so far

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ¡L†KE WøW! •H∆ZE•
Im Like WOW ! !
Track Name: E v o l u t i o n
if u actually listen, u can hear the ocean
im bout 2 start a revolution
we came so far , from evolution
and we got is pullution
i smoke pot , its my only solution
its how i get my influence
file save as , , , cuz I'm bout 2 loose it ! ! !
this is internet music , 2 clear up confusion
this isn't illusion , so save yr self from yr delusion
u might need help , so reach for the moon
I'm inhuman, i smoke like a cuban
lets start a group & call it a union
I'm stuck on a loop , still I'm movin
theres always room, 4 improvement
yr so up tight , u need 2 loosen
I'm so ripe , I'm just now blooming
I'm so high , like a balloon
trust in the movement , its coming soon
until then I'm just cool in
I'm just crusin , , 2 sunset
i keep producing weed music
its so seducing , its got yr gurly tuned in
she thinks its soothing
I'm healing her wounds while u keep on intruding
y don't u try hard ? ? instead of drooling
get out the water , , yr starting 2 prune !

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: sa·yo·na·ra
Sayonara ! Cowabunga !
watchu need is : Marijuana

puff puff pass
hold it in , then pass it back
im bout 2 jump in
swim laps
i feel good , sit back
& relax , takin naps
im havin flash-backs
from the past
full blast . turnt up 2 the max
bout 2 climax
Let-Go , no holding back

Sayonara ! Cowabunga !
watchu need is : Marijuana

G o S l o w , thts my lingo
get low , like limbo
you see my logos
weed & flamingos
imma star , , like ringo
see me twinkle, u kno the jingle
taste skittles , see my rainbow
sail in HIGH , like seagulls
desert eagles by my side
juice cost a kilo
ballin like kemo , i hit threes
& they come in trios
i go loco , i go psycho
imma tycoon
better wear yo speedo
i part seas , like a pharaoh
make it splash , straight & narrow
i got her swimmin like nemo

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Wish List
Ill make yr wish list come true
yo kiss is on my list to-do

looking out my window
as she rolls up
it might b 2 soon
so i had 2 try my luck
casting out my wishes
2 the stars above
i had 2 let her kno
cuz enough is enough
an its home sweet home
4 x~mas ba rum bum bum ba
let it snow let it snow , b cuz

its the time a year again
can't stop the world from spinin
been waiting oh so long
i can't hold on
wer should i begin?
just open up yr gifs
this is wat i present
an offer u can't resist

erryday is x~mas
erryday i miss you
we wer like glue
never could come undo
now we r threw, still i wish
all yr dreams come true
an that u never ever lose
sight of the glowing moon
cuz that night
i meant errythang 2 u
and u meant errythang 2 me
sent me all yr givings
now its hard 2 believe
all that we've been thru
i never ever knew
some1 as cool as u
make a wish it might come true
sky is the limit there aint nuthin we can't do !

so another year over
an another 1 just begun
we so much older, still we stay young
@ heart , nuthin can tair us apart
i was ther from da start
and wen we reach da end, , ,
we can just start all over again =)

© Maysin Anthony