Cast Away

by G o S l o w

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released October 3, 2011

* shouts 2 my nigga Prty Trsh *
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G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Cast Away
no i dont sink, no i dont float, marijuana boat.
when it sets sail, it never fails,
i always follow that dolphin tale
passing my troubles while sippin on bubbly
its a rough sail tossing and tumbling
would u hold still? or start crumbling
pass the doobie or pass da smoke
makin it splash n makin it soak
i feel free so im gone float
i still have miles 2 go
but this path is solid gold
imma cast away . . .
so imma pass away. . .
so please dont say . . .
i didnt tell u so.

*dont u kno i G o S o S l o w that when i feel it
i lost my mind, i smile when i cry
where does all this time go?!?
i just let my, memory slip
i feel as if, im losing grip*

time is young, time is new
dont let history repeat.
time is free, so be released
let go, then float back into the sea
tell yr tale, tell yr story
u hold the key
just relax, sit back
watch the palm trees, blow in the breeze
take it from me
it doesnt have 2 be
so bitter sweet. . .
cuz Sea Salt iz meant 2 clean

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ~i~dont~float~

i touched the sky
i touched the rainbow
the more i try, i lose control
never choose the right road.
now im lost like pluto
im kinda high. . but i feel so low
keep my mind on the prize
now im at the end of my . . last rope.
whers the light house???
someone shine a light on me cuz im lost @ Sea !
smoking SeaWeed, anchors chained 2 my feet.
im bout 2 sink, im bout 2 choke
wats a stake?? u got me drenched and soaked !

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: I sink ☯ I soak
i smoke ☯ i choke

i lean ☯ i float

i drink ☯ the lean

i sink ☯ i soak


and a matter of fact. . i dont even rap

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: F e e l F r e e
ther r all these things
that ive never held on 2
i feel so free
i think u should 2
although nothing wat it seems
well i got sum proof
i need u here with me
cuz i barley made it thru


i barely made it thru
follow the diamonds
they brought me 2 u
i feel so free
i get so loose
up up and away
untill i reach Zeus
call me Neptune


theres all these things
i should be doing
theres all these things
ive never done
all this time
2 be wasting
i feel free
so i free fall

© Maysin Anthony