Jacuzzi Time

by G o S l o w

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third EP, recorded september 2010 in a hotel


released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Nausea
I am not trying to stay awake
I'm on vacation soon i will be on my way
please excuse me while i catch this wave
so hot can not hear what you say
I have got to hurry cuz i might be late
you see i got this meeting up in my brain
i see the caribbean in my dreams

jacuzzi got me feeling nauseated
i am suffering from all this pain you left me
all i know is that you cant touch me while im in my grave
you can not see me in this steam, in my dreams

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Proud Money
palm trees in my view
the weather is my news
and of course i'm sitting right next to the pool
jacuzzi is always full
been doin this shit since june
been dreaming about since i turned 2
palm trees in my view
im so excited
i just changed my diet
get fucked up off shrooms
palm trees in my view

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Caribbean Dreams
jacuzzi or champagne?
i gunna her over
we smoke on clover
marijuana different colors
my pupils turning green

if i act the way i am
and speak the way i speak
maybe then youll understand
weed is all i need

only champagne bottle popin
we swimin from island to island
caribbean dreams

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Sauna View
there is no life guard on duty
to help me remember nothings going
to happen to me today
that you and i together can handle
cause theres no life guard on duty

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Malibu Lights
imagine relaxation & breathing tension out

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G o S l o w L i n g o