S u ӎ ӎ є r Я a i n

by G o S l o w

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end of summer 20††


released September 21, 2012



all rights reserved


G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: S u ӎ ӎ є r Я a i n
going through the motions, till the end
sailing over oceans, blow like wind
smokin potions, that got me floatin
under water kush, that got me choking
summer rain, smokin green
summer pains, growing leafs
such a shame, it has to be
if only you could see.

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Cabo
i think that you should know
would you listen when my storys told?
its all been done before
all that glitters is never gold
but shooting stars break from the mold
so lets sip on this Cabo Wabo

i dont give a fuck
imma sip this cut
like its my last
super swagged up
i dont give a up
you can kiss my ass
if you listen then you might
everything thats been said
put it in the past

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Ӎontego
key largo, montego, baby why dont we go?
theres no rush, im blowin kush
will get there faster then will take it slow
we can touch the sky, yea we can float
on this magic carpet ride
yes i get so high, no reason why
i dont ever try, i just realized
i need a break, someone come please take
lets get away, away from it all
we can fall in love, we can become one
or two,
the partys just begun, oh its true!
dont you think its fun???
palm trees in my view
jacuzzis got me loose
i speak the fuckin truth
so theres your fuckin proof

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ✰ A t l a n t i s ✰
im so far gone.
never-land is forever lost
all my plans,
and all my treasures are lost.
im so lost.

im in such a daze
im blown off of this haze
im sinkin like ocean wavves
someone save
or is this my fate?

i cant help myself , no
i cant resist
i keep buying trips
to atlantis
its so enchanted
yet it doesnt exist
just for this instance

sit back and relax
just watch the world
fly right past
but perhaps
nows your chance
to get away
to atlantis

i dont know, but i can see
wat your goin through
and i believe
that the sky is blue
although it seems
so very grey
dont mind the cloudy daze

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Colada
come back 4 me
come back 4
come back 4 me
come back
come back to

"Fuck fashion , im just swaggin"

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Ɍocƙy Ᵽoiȵt
im at my point of no return
no lookin back, back to the future
if its not bout weed
then its not my concern
swag, stunt, sway,
erryday, untill it hurts

its all so typical, yet so fuckin tropical
im lost @ sea, cuz im so nautical
i breath in deep, cuz im so hollow
sippin on martini, i got no problems
so why dont cha meet me??
just south of Cabo
ill just be waiting not caring
about tomorrow
kush different colors, rainbow
hakuna matata, thats the moto

im at my point of no return
no lookin back, back to the future
if its not bout weed
then its not my concern
swag, stunt, sway,
erryday, untill it hurts

hakuna mata, smoke on flower
those two words will solve all your problems
take it from me, or you can take it from da king
live your dreams, you hold the key
remember one thing
chic c'est la vie
it lives within your soul
mirror on the wall but its not his call
life so soft
no worrys just brush them off
so dont search around
for things that cant be found


©Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ßermuda Tri▲ngle
and i have miles and miles to go
before the falling of the sun
and i believe that its way to soon
before the rising of the moon
but now i understand
youve got smiles in your hands
and when we find it all
we'll be rising too.

i feel the energy
its pulling on me
i sink, , , into the sea
i brust out of my soul, , i lose control

i dont have much time to go
im past, way past my due
i might not last, i might not stay true
but i can promise this
palm trees in your view
please just one more kiss to end this
and we'll be through
i forget where it begins and ends
if you win, or if you lose
the earth still moves
on to something new
opinions choose
can we call this truss

© Maysin Anthony