by G o S l o w

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meditation music / sensational soundtracks


released January 16, 2011

recored 2011, high, and with a positive peace of mind.



all rights reserved


G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Soothe
its just another day
it seems miles away
how long will it take?
let me stop to think

oh it never fails
can you even tell?
i want you for myself
i might as welll . . .
Track Name: Winding Road
these are the days when anything goes
i wake up get high and get blowed
im not saying that i know
i feel the stress slip from my finger tips, out of my toes
i lay wide awake all though, im asleep
i left this world such a long time ago
but im soo much closer than any of you know

so tell me when was the last time
you let your heart decide?
i can open your eyes
butterfly in the sky
well we can go twice as high
doesnt that feel nice
to have everything opened wide
just like a slip n slide
just remember that
all things pass into the night

© Maysin Thomas
Track Name: CRY
here comes a ray of light
i've seen it once before
when i was going through the hardest part
of my life
when i was so little
and in the middle
at least time flew right by
and i try
to go slow
but sometimes
the world spins so fast
that it takes me back
to when i saw that light

now i've found a meaning and i dont need any
thing to get this raw feeling
just take deep breaths yes
now i can cry
but now i can laugh
push all things aside
i can not empathsize
how much i want you in my life
i've made myself sound like an ass
but that time has past
look into my eyes
you know whats inside

the snow is fallin an i begin to see
my reflection and whats inside of me
the lights are glowing under the christmas tree
another year over whats in store for me
i hear the bells ring i look from my balcony
i stand right on the edge cause its hard to see
looks like im smokin cause you can see me breath
it is proff that im alive cause this feelings familiar to me.

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Odyssey
everything has the same faded endings
so whats the point of remembering?
i couldnt even if i tried
you were just a waste of time
but you took up solar space
in the back of my mind

should i wine should i cry
about this wonderful life?
give me something to write
its been done before
so why even try
better days are here to come
memories are packed and stored
its so dark in my heart
but i still shine
i cant complain
everything just fine
there are no problems when you have no life.
who can you blame? there is no shame
i ditched the lames
and i didnt even get an invite
but i still came

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: •forget•me•
history, oh history
dont close your eyes
dont forget me
and if i happen
to describe
all the feelings
you have inside

and if you pass me by
lost count
of my life
just like
the birds and passer-bys
could be
without a wife

©maysin anthony

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