T i m e L o r d

by G o S l o w

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This is for my fans who actually listen, I tried by best to make this sound good and I put my heart into it so I hope everyone can feel where I'm coming from. Go Slow is timeless. I'll always be here to explain and express how much I wish the world as one can be happy =)
Never let the clock tell you it's too late . . . just G o S l o w bby


released July 4, 2015

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Mason Anthony Thomas Aka Go Slow © 2015 in Denver, Co.

All art work and lyrics by Go Slow ©



all rights reserved


G o S l o w Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Time Lord
I'm just gonna keep my eyes closed and just feel it. .
time, it goes by so fast . . lets just make it last - Go Slow -

I'm a mix between what is wrong and right
I'm a mix of god and a mix of Christ.
I'm half a spirit, I'm half light
I got all the secrets to unlock life.
I'm half a monk, and half a lord
I'm a mix of all those things that came before.
Life isn't long, Ill cut you short
I got all the answers. . . I'm TIME LORD.

I'm the art god , I'm the time lord

(Verse #1)
If you actually listen you might get forgiven.
Time is just a cage and we're all in prison.
I don't even age because my souls a prism,
just look right through it and gain some wisdom.
watch the sun rise then watch it drop
I just fight the clock, I rush to stop
Go Slow
wish I could do more, wish I could end wars.
There's the open door, yet it's locked.
wish I could do more, wish I could end wars.
You heard it all before, I'm the TIME LORD!

(Verse #2)
I'm half healthy yet I'm half sore.
Life's a vacation or just a resort?
I wait so patient for my awards
I came in waves washed up ashore.
millions of miles from now there's a nebular cloud being torn
so now your warned. Go Slow
we could race for fame
we could chase the days
time seems to fade as I slowly drift away. . . .

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: The Reason Why
The reason why I'll never know
The reason why I Go Slow
The reason why I let it go
The reason why I wear all this gold
The reason why I'm the lord
The reason why it's all been done before
The reason why I never showed
The reason why I should have known
The reason why I let her go
is the reason why she's just a hoe.

(Verse #1)
Let me tell you something quick
what you got in this life don't mean shit.
Let me tell you something about this world
we should give it all up to the girls.
It doesn't seem to spin yet we're in this whirl.
Better do something quick before it all melts.
You don't know shit about how it feels
to be made out to be the asshole.
Its the reason why we always make it out to be a hassle.
Ain't making no sense that's irrational.
There's a sucker born every minute and one to take em.

(Verse #2)
The reason why things will always be the same
is because difference doesn't equal change.
The reason why the world seems so strange
is the reason why we will never take the blame.
The reason why I could never decide
is hidden deep inside
all these secrets signs
I can see the light
It blurs my blue eye
all things past through the night
so lets just watch the time go bye.

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: My Love Will Break You
My time alone, My time at home.
My time is gone, it took too long.
My heart is strong, it's in this song.
I'm all alone, because my love was wrong.

My Love
My Love
My Love
My Love Will Break You

(Verse #1)
I'm playin it safe I'm keeping it smooth
I just here to soothe
I ain't got no shit to prove except that I'm the one for you.
Don't make me tear down this roof
because I swear I get loose when its time to move.
I'm that once and only type of dude.
I just tried to keep it cool.
Whatever happened to those palm tree views? ?
I guess those promises never came true.
Love is so selfish yet still it takes two.
My Love Will Break You.

(Verse #2)
I got all these reasons why I got all these tears to cry.
I don't know how I feel inside and that is probably why we fight.
Every night look into each others eyes soon realize that this isn't right.
So why we try to hide?
Damn your so fucking kind, your so one of a kind.
And you take up so much space in the back of my mind.
Wish we could just press rewind and turn back the hands of time.
Can you see that ray of light?
It's too late to look behind.

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: Jacuzzi Dream
Gooooo Slooooow
Gooooo Slooooow
Gooooo Slooooow
Gooooo Slooooow

your in my jacuzzi dream
your in my jacuzzi dream
your in my jacuzzi dream
you can't see me in this steam.

Your in my jacuzzi dream
Ain't nothing quite as it seems.
In paradise all I see is green
Your in my jacuzzi dream.
You know we're high off this green
Your in my jacuzzi dream.
Your in my jacuzzi dream
You can't see me in this steam
You can't see me in my dreams.

(Verse #1)
I spent all day in the jacuzzi smoking weed its so soothing.
I see palm trees I'm feeling cozy.
Sippin on the lean mixed with the Sobe.
Chic se la vie gotta keep it OG.
The water is so deep out past the buoy
No life guard on duty so lets get nudey.
Disrespect my order get chopped like sushi
Livin in the dream you wish you knew me.

(Verse #2)
Got a lotta marijuana all in my sauna.
I make it splash like piranha
Gonna need some shade it's getting hotta.
we get so tropical down in Tijuana
She's changing colors like iguana
Now she's a goner just for the summer
take this dried up bitch with no water
looking like a fish out of water.
Marco polo smoking solo like flamingo I Go Slow.

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: Slow Mo
I'm stuck inside of time
I'm stuck in my mind
whoa you could say I'm froze. . . yeah I'm in Slow Mo
I'm stuck inside a cage
way out in outer space
whoa you could say I'm froze. . . yeah I'm in Slow Mo
Am I better off alone? I don't know, I just left the ozone.

you know it's just me, I'm stuck in Slow Mo
you know it's just me, I'm stuck in chill mode.

(Verse #1)
I just needed time to write down all these things on my mind.
Just give me sometime and I might arrive.
Like can I still be me stuck in my prime?
Or can I just be green all of my life?
Like no I never lied, these dreams inside they come alive.
Am I just so chill? like the ocean tide.
Always on time like the sunset hitting your eyes
I am a library but you can't read me.
I am so unique like an antique.
they tried to delete now I'm obsolete.
can you feel that breeze? it's coming straight from me.
please believe or else you'll sink in the open seas.
now watch me eat, I got what you need
starving little guppies, now watch me feed
I hold the key.

(Verse #2)
give me just two years I'll come back from disappear
objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
you don't have to fear, because I'm right here.
I know it sounds weird so let me make it clear.
maybe you can't hear, listen to the ocean
we're standing on the pier
we're standing on the pier
Let me whisper in your ear so you know I'm near
I'm bout to switch gears and have a couple beers
under my cabana smelling like bananas
smoking marijuana not worried about Mañana
I got Gucci flow.

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: All in Time
(Verse #1)
I'm searching I'm searching I cannot find.
I'm searching I'm searching for that peace inside.
I just keep asking, why oh why?
Can't we be happy with our lives?

It's All in Time It's All in Time
It's All in Time It's All the Time
It takes a long time to gain my shine.
I only gauge whats on my mind
there are no worries when tomorrow is behind.

(Verse #2)
I'm spinning I'm spinning out of my mind.
I'm wasting away too much time.
I'm spinning I'm spinning I'm coming unwind.
I'm wasting away just trying to fly.

Oh I see it's Go Slow
what you need? to Go Slow
Why you Rush? Just Go Slow
I'm smoking weed, That's Go Slow.

(Verse #3)
It's gotta get better, we can change the weather.
All we need is solar power and to come together.

© Mason Thomas 2015
Track Name: Late
I feel it in between my eyes so I meditate.
In my solar atmosphere I can levitate.
I clear my mind to a clean slate then I elevate
you know I gotta bake.
wake up on my grind gotta get this cake.
sleeping in on me is a big mistake.
I'm swimming in the ocean your lost in the lake.
your rapping real shit but to me it sounds fake.
I had to go in, listen. I could just wait.
Finished my music is timeless so it's never late.
why we fall behind into our dismay?
I threw the past away now I am late.
I gotta get away to another state.
Memories fade, just thinking about today
and why it is so grey
don't mind the cloudy days.
this is real art that i like to make.
and then you see the sparks ignite into flames
I'm stuck in outer space so I might be late.
or maybe just a shooting star but wouldn't that be great ?

I just noticed it's all too late.
I just noticed there's much to gain
by letting go of the shame.
I just noticed it's all okay
I just noticed you looking my way
I just noticed you look the other way
I just noticed your all the same.
I just noticed your only face
and I just noticed you ain't got shit to say
I just noticed your all so lame
I just noticed I don't like to wait
I just noticed my conscious is awake
and I just noticed it's all too late.

gotta get away to another day
gotta make an escape from this place
I just realized it's all too late
so let it all fade away

you tried all these things just to ease the pain.
yet deep inside all there is is rain.
the best ones get taken away to early and to young
my heart goes out to Aj
you were my only one.
some say like comes too late
so we should never hesitate
the worst things happen to the ones we love
so make sure to tell it to there face.
or else you'll see them in the clouds
but then it's too late.

© Mason Thomas
Track Name: Goodbye Island
Goodbye Island I'm leaving you for good
I wish you all the best from up above
Goodbye Island it was fun while it lasted in the sun
all things were good until we fell in love
because it just wasn't enough
Life is just way too ruff and I know it sucks.

so whats it worth? as we are sitting here looking at the sky from earth.
What's your perspective? was is it just a curse
that were all here to die melting in the desert.
Goodbye Island I know it hurts
that I can't bring you with inside my hearse
Goodbye Island I'll put you in my past
you were the very best thing that I've ever had.
Goodbye Island please don't be sad
I'm going to a better place one without land.

Goodbye Island the wait is over
I've been bearing all this stress on my shoulders
Goodbye Island the wait is over
It's been way too long since I've been sober

So have you heard? you don't have to wait no longer
and that's for sure.
It's all came and gone, and all along
the message was brushed ashore
but rest assured he's not sinking anymore
while we're all still here anchors on the floor.
Well Goodbye island, you took all you could
to keep me locked up in a flood
of mixed emotions all misunderstood :,,,(((

© Mason Thomas 2015